Creative Mortgages (a democrat baby)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Warren Buffett: "Treasury "Did Exactly the Right Thing"... And said that it was essential...

But Buffett said nothing about 70's Liberal polity, that gave birth to crisis.
Article: Fannie & Freddie: GOP Cleaning up Democrat Messes #
Steps to resolve the ambiguity between these 2 companies...
An attempt at reformation...
(NOTE: Post was corrected to reflect add+ logic)
Democrat Buffett, is correct to address what is in the moment; but this Fannie bailout makes Americans into co-signers...

Bush has been trying to get Congress to increase regulation for these lenders for years! But they just kept putting it off and now they can not just let them collapse. The collateral damage would bury the economy and Viola! The aim was a misguided HOPE for increased chance at elections...Obama? (Terrye)

UPDATE: Pennies of contributions (below) So, are these folks under the bus now?? Obama questions a "majority vote" for the rescue, as if it is a GOP issue; by showing concern for TAXPAYERS!! Dem Majority: VIDEO!

Top 5 recipients of 'disclosed' Fannie/Freddie campaign contributions:
(From: C.S.)
1. Dodd, Christopher J D-CT $133,900
2. Kerry, John D-MA $111,000
3. Obama, Barack D-IL $105,849
4. Clinton, Hillary D-NY $75,550
5. Kanjorski, Paul E D-PA $65,500
Open Secrets: Senate Recipients of Fanni: Source.

-Quick to judge, "Squawk Box Europe" weighs in...
But, trust me... Europe's Dilemma is far worse!

UPDATE: From Hotair
Palin has a 100% valid point, when she said that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have become a burden and should be fazed out over time!! John McCain made this point two months ago when responding to the initial crisis that threatened to bankrupt the two lending giants, and said the time has come to eliminate both and allow the private sector to do their work, instead of these two quasi-governmental agencies!!
But any of these steps are not final, as Mccain/Palin will work with a team to correct this... Liberals' path of "easy for you, bigger for us" policy, will be knocked back into Democracy recovery!

What is in front of you- C. Edmond Wright weighs in: Read more.
Americanthinker gives an in depth explanation of Fannie (Federal Home) and Ginnie (Government National) and the misconceptions i.e: GSE (Government-Sponsored Enterprise)...read more.

It will take 3 or 4 Years, to set this straight...
This is not final, and should be corrected.
The only way to solve this, is to CLEAN HOUSE... The McCain Camp holds the necessary recognition that Fannie Mae must be broken down... And will not be held back by partisan divides... McCain's record of 'Vetoed' ear-marks, will save the Nation...

And, sorry... Not a time to subscribe to the Obama 2008 -feel good - (vote gather) packages of legislative hand-outs; which place more & more reliance upon Government, while creating long-term un-intended consequence...

Their schemes try to predict and control the markets; And this unwittingly encourages greed... Which (as we see) has taken its course.... Not a good time to cripple our Medical industry; and encourage practices which weaken the cycle of recovery...

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