Media Silences Obama's 20 Flips; Including National Security

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Its one thing to flip on major policy issues, (Video: View all 20)
But quite another to flip on something as crucial as national defense... FIRST one would have to believe that weakness enhances strength, when history & allies lend proof that this is untrue...We're a world of which decades have faced a enemy; who is empowered by weakness & diminished security...

Video (Obama comparison)... More below.
ht: Read more at: ace and perfunction

The grand underlying delusion here, is Obama's belief that he can automatically "walk in and use a narrative" to dissolve terror, on the assumption that "he" possesses the art of divine communication...
Strategy: "Blame America" via TelePrompter?"
-Sort of confusing, actually: View: Gatewaypundit.
So far Mr. Obama's Domestic Posture has been to engage and agree with one part of a group; and then later reverse position with the other. Everybody is happy... & completely confused!

Considering positions to date: Obama's Foreign Defense looks like:
1.) Meet Foreign enemy -agree with their policy (without Media)
2.) Return and reverse position with domestic US population
Problem solved!
Changing our "OUR" words, next? Obama misrepresents a distinguished 35 year friend of McCain: Kelly addresses Part of Obama's Speech:

Approximately 91 falsified V. President Palin articles have been released to News Media, by the Obama camp; Some: And yet, they have issued few retractions... Today, the Obama Camp retains Sheriff, Police; to quell the words you "might" have...

So much for the respect of the 1st Amendment read.
Plenty of soldiers gave their lives to ensure that we could retain it. That no man have the power to stifle it... Freedom of Speech is not up for undo, and even with an army of Obama-lawyers, sheriffs, police, and squads... Intimidation on the net, but unwillingness to correct self-error.
Obama truth Squad: VIDEO
Hotair: Missouri governor goes nuclear on Obama for:
Using prosecutors on campaign "truth squad" more.
Obama Goon Squad Shuts Down Macsmind Blog: Read.
Update: Don't call us Stalinist or we'll shut you down.

-An ugly "change" you should vote against!
-Journalists Memorial: View.

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