Five Warships Monitor Somali Pirated Faina: Time to Call Sarko

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Five nations have been sharing information... to try to secure the swift release of the ship and its crew. Ukraine's foreign ministry said the ship had 21 crew members.

— Ukraine, Somalia, Russia, the United States and Britain... story.

The U.S. Navy said Sunday that a destroyer is tracking the Ukrainian ship, the MV Faina, in the Gulf of Aden. The nationalities of the other warships are not known.

The ship's cargo of 33 Russian-made 72T battle tanks made it a particularly worrying situation, that they might end up in the wrong hands... such as terrorists or violence extremists. The 2nd hand shipment was on its way to the Kenyan government, when Hijacked... Kenyan government spokesman Alfred Mutua, however, insisted his country will not negotiate with pirates or terrorists. more.
Speaking by satellite telephone, Ali said the pirates are demanding a $20-million ransom for the release of the vessel. Reports on Saturday said the rebels wanted $35 million. story.
Time to call Sarkozy....
Remembering: Pirates Captured by French After Hostage Release

As the battleships monitor, unsure what to do... One thing is clear, the weaponry and equipment, on this Ukraine ship, MUST NOT reach Somali shores...
Actually, using five or six warships, is like using a sword to get a fly...

I recommend (in the future) "Sea Marshalls" aboard ships; and a down-scaled upgrade combining all Nations; to create a new and improved small fleet force:

Like some of the bravest: The US Coast Guard... :#

They stayed behind during hurricanes (cat, 3 & 4) ... And saved thousands of lives. A few gangly pirates, would be rather simple stakes, in my view...

Scraped this off of a Military site: Some are saying that there is a safe internationally patrolled corridor for sea traffic in the region, in this case it was either ineffective or the ship in question was outside this corridor...

And there is always someone who will say, "I told you so."
Somalia: Ships Sailing On Pirate-Prone Gulf Had Been Warned - 16 hours ago
"The attack by Somali pirates would have been avoided had the owners heeded warnings of insecurity along the Gulf of Aden. Last month, the International"...

Pirates call all the shots
Sunday Herald

The USS Howard Website: What a Great ship.

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