FBI probes finance giants (Et cetera)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Hillary says:
"Barack Obama is being advised by the same people who got us out of the ditch in 1993. I think our ticket is well-equipped for handling...
"the mess that they're going to inherit."
IMAGE: Drudgereport: Sen. Clinton (

Looks like their housing bubble is 'the ditch' Hillary claims Dems will "inherit." Dems address no plan to help settle the markets... yet. #

But let's be Honest with the whole exposure to Freddy & Fannie...
FACT: "Dems voted to recycle these loans, to keep from inheriting them!

ht: Video (L) hotair ...Ace has more.
-Video (r) "Directorblue" (Clear path you don't need the FBI, to find.)

WaPo Poll: Obama 52 McCain 43
Wake Up Voters... If you elect the same people who enlarged and recycled their broken system to better their political careers and positions... And then defeated the very stops to protect the integrity of recovery; It will spill over to health care, and earmarked Globalwarming Bills... This must be purged.

FBI investigating fraud at Fannie/Freddie/Lehman/AIG

M.Malkin also has this: Kill the bailout: Phones ringing off the hook; student loans, car debt added to proposal

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