Ru 'Loyalty War' -Not read in MSM

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

First Drafts article explains Russia's motive to secure its foothold in the south Caucasus and to solidify alliances with key ethnic allies like the Ossetians in the ongoing counter-insurgency along its southern border... [Enlarge-Image] Konstantin

And how it may backfire by bringing its own side of the border back into the spotlight... More. 'leave or be shot', orders:Read this now!

First, why the U.S. is there...
For decades, America's non-military Foreign aid and volunteers have supported these small Nations... Now gripped in ethnic violence. PDF- (US 08-fig: 20% of total yearly aid)

Europeans maintain alliance, under the valid concern of Russian control; but Americans are concerned with hundreds of aid workers from Unicef, and
USaid who provide specific aid and development to many countries, including Tbilsi, Georgia and in Moscow and Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia) as we do in many regions of the globe!

View 2 min video... Two months ago, As Unicef finally moved from "aid" in North Osetia; to development-status! ...THEIR Independence is the goal!!
Duration: 02:24 | Recorded: 30 May 2008

THE MILITARY CONFLICT: In Russia's quest to re-consolidate its alliances among southern leaders... Russia’s protection of threatened South Ossetians in Georgia, in co-operation with North Ossetia, has done more to rally Kremlin allies there than any other political event since the terror attack on Beslan North Ossetia, in 2004... (Caution sensitive Video)

Note: Even Chechen special forces loyal to Moscow, who had taken a break from fighting insurgents at home, were spotted waving to photographers on their ride into battle in Tskhinvali, the devastated capitol of South Ossetia, on the frontline of Russia’s advance...Read.

Three items to take note, as the beginning of RF military build-up occurred BEFORE Georgians sent troops into the region...

First: An early death count...
Human Rights Watch report on South Ossetia: Story.
Reliable body count, before arrival of Russians (45 Dead/ 30 injured)
Russian intervention touted "thousands" by Georgian genocide.

Second: Video- Confirmed: Russian Shoot Up SUV
Filled with Journalists!
Doesn't look fake, nor cries for Allah... You be the judge!

Third: VIDEO: Russian troops (on tape) Looting (Gori bank)
(If this is not addressed, then why isn't it?)

Also notable:
The accurate understanding that Stalin ordered the mass deportation of Chechens, Ingush, Karachai, Balkars and other groups from southern Russia to central Asia for their apparent lack of loyalty, he allowed the Ossetians to remain and climb into the Soviet power structure...

The Ossetians remained loyal to the Kremlin—while they were unhappy about the partition of their nation, until Georgian independence its purpose was merely administrative. More.

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