Dim World-view of More Occupations

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Update: Video: Russia Stages a Substantial Withdrawal

I Long for happier days; before Iranian test missile firings, elevated enrichments, and ballistic war-head developments... And before the Russian & Int'l Community handed down UN Security Sanctions, to bring Iran into compliance with IAEA regulations. Without Iran's elevated enrichments, we wouldn't need a 'missile shield!'
Image-Alex V: Bush Ranch Visit.

But there's more...
Back in 2007... Russia's NATO envoy, Dmitry Rogozin, warned that if the EU and NATO came into conflict with the UN over Kosovo, Russia would "proceed from the view that in order to be respected, we must use brute force." Video.

I see a better way: 'With Measured Tones of Diplomacy'...
Exactly the words of former US Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage; who met with Russian Federation-controlled News Media ('Russia Today') Armitage made clear that, the actions taken between Russia and Georgia were extreme; and assured all, that Washington did not encourage Georgia to start a war...
Logic: With war in Iraq, & application for NATO, this would make no sense.

Question and Answer: The former Deputy Secretary explains:
"We are not used to having democracies attacked."

America is caught between two different sets of 'outcome-seeking media: A 'Russian-controlled' media, and (oddly) the US 'Left-controlled' media who do an election-spin (I dare say, inappropriate considering the plight of these people!)

The region, caught-up in a difficult position, would benifit 'NOW' by diplomatic efforts to solve this crisis... And not another "if only you elect Obama", stragedy; as with US economy, and energy solution... Face it: The US left, is the LAST thing on the minds of these respective Nations in conflict...

[Enlarge-Image below] 1866- Russia in Europe
Source: (Samuel Augustus Mitchell Jr.)

Perhaps these 2 enclaves should ask to be semi-autonomous, with voice (like Kurdistan). And if not, they should test how Russian Government responds to their FULL Independence.
My ancestors relocated fled as part of a'Euro-Russian' aristocracy; in the most 'post-flower' days of history...

-Brief (and fairly accurate) Russian History (1855-1892) View Map.
-Geographical and Statistical Map of Russia (1820) Enlarged.
-I shall return... But not Now...
-Russia's oil boom may be running on empty: Story.

"If the situation which exists now stays the same, oil production will start to decline seriously in 2 yrs." -Kryukov (Researcher for Gov. funded Think-tank; in Novosibirsk) #

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