U.S. ties Caracas to Hezbollah aid

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

I see that Chávez is attempting to take South America and his 'new-found' definition of Revolution; to a whole new level... And as usual, re-defined to suit 'other-players' interests... Rockets, Scud missiles, IEDs, and 'inter-factional-fighting' and a new Sponsor... With Hezbollah...

SANTA CRUZ, Bolivia | U.S. Administration is accusing the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez of providing cash and refuge to the militant Islamist group Hezbollah of southern Lebanon.

An investigation by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) names Venezuelan diplomat Ghazi Nasr al Din and Venezuelan-Arab businessman Fawzi Kanan as key links between the two. More.

Photo: Moghimi (3/3)
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Only days before Chávez sends tanks to his Colombia border dispute. Story. New tanks and equipt. meeting/timing with Chávez-war, against (US ally) Colombia.

(cont. from above)
Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control:
"It is extremely troubling to see the government of Venezuela employing and providing safe harbor for Hezbollah facilitators and fundraisers," said Adam Szubin, political affairs director of OFAC.

Mr. al Din has served as charge d’affaires at the Venezuelan Embassy in Syria and as director of political affairs at the embassy in Lebanon.

The Treasury Department made the accusations in a June 18 statement, which summarized an investigation of Venezuelan-registered businesses that are thought to be laundering money for Hezbollah... More.

From Buenos Aires, Paul Scheltus:
Chávez: Why back FARC when you've got Hezbollah: More.

Venezuelans recruited by the Interior Ministry trained by Hezbollah: Read.
-Non-translated version: Fighter Recruitments (news-clipping)
Excerpt Translated by Fausta:
Other Hezbollah members in Venezuela with temporary visas are: a.. explosives expert Abdul Ghani Suleiman Wanked, born in Lebanon in September 26, 1967, who is Hassan Nasrallah's right-hand man. Nasrallah has been the leader of Hezbollah since 1992 and is Secretary General of the Party of God (Hezbollah).

b.. Rada Ramel Assad, born in Barranquilla, Colombia on January 5, 1955. His Colombian passport was issued at the Colombian consulate in Beirut, Lebanon on November 13, 2006 and will expire on November 13, 2016.

c.. Abouchanab Daichoum Dani, also bearing a Colombian passport, born on September 2, 1982, His passport was issued on July 10, 2007, in Maicao, La Guajira, and will expire on July 10, 2007 [sic]. He is the organizer of the group currently touring Caracas. End of translation. Read more.
Colombian and Venezuelan people should give this little "Iranian/Venezuelan connection" a diplomatic 'nip-in-the-bud' before any destruction can start.
Iranian university students call each other "comrade," hold up pictures of Che Guevara in rallies, use the hammer and sickle symbol on their blogs, and look to Karl Marx as their philosophical role model!
-Click to enlarge-
I Love you Iranian Students!

Leftist Students Square Off Against President in Iran!Read more.
-En imágenes: Chávez en Irán: Comments say it all
Private Note: My intuition tells me that a money path for funding attacks, likely to be contained in exports of ag. products, medicines, and medical devices to Cuba, Sudan, Libya, and Iran; now that travel-related transactions and sanctions have been lifted by the EU (Ag. Dept.)

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-Oil Goes Up on Libya Comments: Story.
-Iran tests missiles in Persian Gulf, Hormouz: Aims for Higher Oil
"Iran is certainly sending mixed signals," said Victor Shum at Purvin & Gertz in Singapore. "There was an apparent easing of tensions, but then the missile tests had an impact on prices today."

(Contract fell $5.33 to settle at $136.04 a barrel.)

Tuesday's drop had hurled crude back to levels not seen since June 26. The market's bearish turn this week erases, at least for the time being, part of a run-up that pushed prices past $145 a barrel in a string of record-setting sessions before the Fourth of July holiday. Read more.

-Russia, China and India Create: Maritime proliferation.

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