Pandas Suffer Psycological Trama (Quake)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

According to Xiao, recent thunder in Kunming has had a startling effect on the pandas, who are having the same reactions to thunder as they did to the aftershocks and landslides in Sichuan. Read.

Image: Source

The Wolong Reserve, reported the loss of five Panda Keepers, and at least one Panda; in the Sichuan province, magnitude-7.9 Quake . Threat of possible geological disasters, including landslides, caused stress due to displacement.

From China Daily: Pandas' new home decided!
Experts propose 2 bln investment plan to rebuild.
Xinhua, China - Jul 8, 2008
According to the plan drawn up by the Wolong reserve, Beijing University and the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the new panda research center includes a ...
New home planned for quake pandas BBC News

A friend captured a short film of care-free Pandas, a while back:

About 'Explore'... is a philanthropic multimedia project of the Annenberg Foundation that showcases cutting-edge non-profit efforts around the world through documentaries, short films, video moments and photography...

More post-quake stories:
Panda Displaced by Quake Gives Birth to Twins:Story.

-Pandas move to cool home (cute)

'Olympic pandas' at Beijing Zoo
Eight giant pandas are part of a special exhibit at the zoo for the upcoming Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.

And look at this old 1992 Chinese film! Haha!

Look what happened to this visitor at the Chengdu Nature Reserve in China! Can't turn your back on them... No, way.

Chengdu Zoo Nature Reserve...
Dedicated to survival of the endangered species.

American 'Chamber of Commerce' "People's Republic of China."
SME Forum members volunteer at panda center.

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