India/IAEA Discuss Merits of Safeguards

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Senior official William Burns in Vienna, Friday, when foreign secretary Shiv Shankar Menon met IAEA board and NSG members.

In a lobbying exercise to build up a global consensus towards the crucial approval of the India specific safeguards agreement, it was a private briefing for the 35-member IAEA board. Story.
Image: Burns to meet IAEA (Nuclear issues)

In all, 90 diplomats headed up to listen to India's defense, one western diplomat told NDTV that the group had many questions but that India answered them all...Story.

Senior U.S. official will also participate as US Iran envoy:#
Inaccurate that the Bush's shift in stance, favors Obama advice on talking with Iran... These are not "unconditional talks" as the five power's decision will include Iran...

Burns' mandate is to listen and not negotiate in Saturday's talks, but if Iran suspends its sensitive nuclear work, then the United States has promised to join full-blown negotiations. Read more.

Rice said, "This decision to send Undersecretary (William) Burns is an affirmation of the policy that we have been pursuing with our European allies, for some time." News Story.

Instapundit quotes Bob Owens who says...
"While the Media Slept... Another province, Diwaniyah, was handed over to Iraqi government control." This makes the 10th Iraqi province, of 18.

Responsibility for security in the southern Iraq, now holds province of Diwaniya...

Google News lists 73 links for Iraqi province of Diwaniya... While, the same Google News lists 22,335 for yesterday's Iraqi bombing...

You really hope that everything turns out alright... Some have said, "The sooner Iraq can manage its own security, the sooner our troops can leave.

This should be good news no matter which side of the argument you're on."

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