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-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

"You have the jewel of Africa in your hands" said President Samora Machel of Mozambique & President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania to Robert Mugabe, at moment of independence, 1980. (Credit Sérgio Santimanou/ 1988)

"Now look after it. Twenty-three years later, the "jewel" is ruined, dishonoured, disgraced." #

7/26/08: S. Africa tells Robert Mugabe to Surrender Read.
Any misgivings about the demand for Mugabe's departure, stand for "freedom to lead", or criticisms of Neighboring interventions...
I suggest that you read this: "Jewel of Africa" Story.

Video: Flowery language but amidst a G8 failed nuke agreement. Looks like Russia's pull w/Iranian Regime, is narrowing (indeed)... Except for this.

"Это означает, что истории наших двух стран и их корни культурного обмена гораздо глубже, чем можно себе представить на первый.

Это обеспечивает безопасность, что наши две страны всегда будут иметь возможность сообщить о каких-либо проблем, поскольку мы понимаем друг друга."

Note: Protectionist Democrats had best not ruin this green light to civilian nuclear co-operation between the United States and Russia! Dems are a largely protectionist/defeatist party with rather narrow projection.

As the wave of Indian bombings continue...
One man holds scared, another rips from earth.
Islamic group claims India blasts:
This specific group should be publicly banned from using a Religious Reference!

Absolutely no respect for life!
Image: Ajit Solanki

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