Czech Republic's 'Ondřej Ruml'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Found an old music clip...
Featuring Czech Republic's Ondřej Ruml, who sings Bob Marley's hit:
"Don't Worry, Be Happy."
(View Below)

Image Above: Prague- Stefan Bauer!

Great (07) performance on Czech version of X Factor...
(Ondřej uses a looper/ synthesizer)

Look what else I found...
-Encore: Ondřej Ruml - Everlasting Love.
(Vystoupení ze třetího finálového večera soutěže X Factor)
-Listen to Ondřej Ruml's music: I Like Your Style
-BAND: Here.

A Country known for Great Music...
A few fast energy facts...
Czech Republic: 65.4% of electricity was produced in steam, combined, and combustion power plants (mostly coal); 30% in nuclear plants; and 4.6% from renewable sources, including hydro power..

Czech Rep. Impressive World standing & Int'l Rankings...
Human Development Index 2007: Rank 32nd out of 178 countries
Index of Economic Freedom 2007: Rank 31st out of 157 countries
Reporters Without Borders world-wide press freedom index 2007: Rank 14th out of 169 countries
Global Competitiveness Report 2006:
Rank 29th out of 125 countries
Democracy Index (January 2007): Ranks 18th of 167 countries
(a functioning democracy along with 27 others)

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