US Energy Evolution (and Update!)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

D. Worth tells me that as far as the eye can see, my home in the states has increased wind turbine, and hydropower generators 100 fold!

Now exporting power beyond its own energy needs!

D. Worth will get a closer look. More later!

The picture above, looks like the earlier turbine, before D. Worth and I exchanged (France/US) homes...

Below: Picture of the Wind Farm, on the San Gorgonio Mountain Pass in the San Bernadino Mountains. It's really expanding! It's amazing!

Growing oil demands of the world is setting wind to our sails; as US citizens step up to further implement programs to FULLY diversify our technology. I hope this will normalize prices around the globe. It must.

And this, from my favorite Green site:

It will take policies of diversification, implemented by each state, rather than imposed by Washington... Because, while we are 52 states strong, we are also like 52 Nations; each of whom have the power to collectively diversify our energy needs, as relative to our Geography...
Sorry Obama... People do not think we can conserve our way out of the energy reality (which is entirely the meat of his campaign.) Tracking.

Democrats Now Threatening Oil Exploration in Other Countries, Too!
This is running in the background while US Citizens continue to increase their Independence!
Canada's energy sector may look for new markets.
"Big-city U. S. mayors and presidential hopeful Barack Obama, who joined the parade this week of ill-informed, U. S. anti-oil sands policies, should be careful what they wish for. Read!.

Instapundit writes, "I thought Obama was going to repair our relations with our allies, not ruin them."

Video Caption: Democrat control, means "witch trials, which lead to singling out Americans, who have no other choice but to finally just give up...

Just what we need now; an energy witch hunt!
"While (Democrat's) aim is undoubtedly to pander to the electorate in an election year charged with oil and climate-change debate, what they are stoking is an increasingly angry Canadian energy industry that is seriously looking at non-U. S. markets for its oil." Read!

American people... Keep improving your energy challenges, and then don't add these ill timed political energy challenges, to your 2008 Vote...

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