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-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Greenland Poised to Become... Green?
Arctic Volcanoes Found Active at Unprecedented Depths. Read.

What part of, "this is Evolution" in least obvious?

"Arctic Ice Receding Because of Massive Lava-Flow from Undersea Volcanoes? It does explain why Arctic ice is receding while Antarctic ice is thickening".. Read more!

Some say warming of the Earth causes CO2 levels to rise...FACT: Earth’s temperature rises first, then CO2 levels increase after the rise in temperature... There is no evidence that CO2 rises first, followed by a rise in temperature. Aren't there any College Freshmans out there?

Image Caption: Seismic activity was previously detected in the same region in 1999, along the Gakkel Ridge—a 1,200-mile-long (2,000-kilometer-long) mid-ocean mountain range north of Greenland.... As hundreds of earthquakes were observed over a nine-month period, with magnitudes between 4 and 6. Read more.

Muslim Detainee Processing...
Without a shortage of Mosques, or lack of calls for interfaith dialogue; King Abdullah arranged 500 delegates from 50 countries to address dialogue among nations in the cause of peace. #
I say: "Swift trial! Guantanamo Done!
(In one or two days)

Berlusconi to Discuss Joint-Sea Patrols (Libya)
According to Italian Ministry figures, about 16,500 illegal migrants believed to have departed from Libya reached Italian shores in 2007.
"Italy is offering to fund a radar or satellite system which would help the Libyan authorities respond, and the request for Libyan holding centres for illegal immigrants and increased vigilance of Libya's coast."
NOTE: Likely, Libyan authorities are worried that if these efforts prove too successful, they will end up with thousands of stranded migrants. More.

There still remain important issues pressing Russians these days...Moscow Times reports.
It's not only the Kremlin who have consulted with Western PR firms...But that is the topic for another post...

On a "bizarre note...
According to 1981 Documentary: Michel de Nostradamé... This is the 'end of the world' case-scenario...Documentary interprets insights and predictions from centuries ago. Do you suppose Ahmadinejad is leading his country out of this type of prophesy? SOURCE.
Wow... Documentary special effects are 1981?

Great flowers at end of clip... Try to stay to the end!

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