UN Chastises America For Having Fuel Woes: Demands Extra Tons of Aid!

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
Experimental Hybrid Airship (Lockeed)

ROME: At the UN food summit, 'Fuel-strapped America' will likely make ten trips in the 1,500 ton cargo, solar-powered High-Altitude Airship! #
Or maybe since the ship can hover for more than a year at 60,000 ft; we should just grow food right in the ship, and drop it down on half the earth...
Actually, we are happy to donate, especially to those who appreciate it.

We'll be right there!!!

Prototype, scheduled to go aloft in 2010...With single travel range of up to 12,000 nautical miles; it is designed to benefit world-aid Humanitarian missions; disaster response, rapid-reaction to assist those in wild-fire suppressions...

Coincidence: Google celebrates first Hot Air Balloon Flight! Haha!

From P-791 hybrid airship project Story
One of the design features, is the way the airship is built to gain span to produce lift:
The entire construction is formed out of three pressurized lobes joined together. Four air cushions are placed on the outer lobes. These air cushions are used as landing gear and present a few advantages:

The craft can taxi, land and take off in a conventional manner, pressure can be used to spread landing loads and also the flow can be reversed thus anchoring the craft to the ground to enable cargo loading and unloading in windy conditions. Read more.
Other News Stories:
Ahmadinejad attacks Jews at UN food summit: Story.

HEAT IS ON: Senate votes to begin global warming debate Read.
"Senator James Inhofe warns against the passage of the massive bill, pointing out that the bill hurts the poor and working class most of all." News.

NOTE: Obama "over-layered" our commitment by 800 billion dollars, and says that Americans don't need to eat... But don't worry, we'll pray for those who voted for "FREE" health care, and handouts, and more immigrant friends.... While we're away! :D

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