Transparently So...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

You know that you have reached tremendous earth-shift, when overlapping and transparent light projections, dance in the sky....
And fossils, representing sediments of the anxieties of the grid-movements of the earth... reappear.

Image: Templo Mayor, Zocalo Square Story

The rapid advancement of technology seeks to correct transitory semblance, within our increasing ability to retrieve past...But ready or not, soon we'll walk that fine mathematical line... toward the mastery of time... Oops, warning: Harsh language! (sorry in advance)

Remembering the Mayan and the mysterious mathematical passage of time...
Future evolution will prove itself as -ONE- As we connect to the mastery, the phenomena, and common link of Mathematical constant.
It is then, we'll make Peace with all... Have a wonderful Sunday...

VIDEO: Mexico... Here. (Music is nice)

Unidentified Fossil Objects...
Fossilized Burrows 245 Million Years Old Suggest Lizard-like Creatures In Antarctica Science Daily - June 9, 2008

Ancient Mammal Relative Dug Burrows in Antarctica?
National Geographic -
June 10, 2008

New Early Triassic mammal-like reptile, Thrinaxodon, Fossils Suggest Ancient Cat-sized Reptiles in Antarctica
Live Science - June 8, 2008

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