Khosla Update: Fuel Technology Progress

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

"Flush with money and determined to save the world, the green-tech industry stands in full flower of its giddy youth. Venture capitalists are pumping billions into startups trying to create new fuels or energy sources." -# Podcast: here.
Image: Chronicle / Paul Chinn
Vinod Khosla, the most qualified energy researcher/analyst in the World weighs-in: On Best Technologies. On The Record: Vinod Khosla Read.

NEWS:Founder of Sun Microsystems and later a partner at the venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins, which helped fund Google and Amazon; discusses the role of entrepreneurs in environmental change—and a negative carbon emission future where Hummers could flourish.
Power Q&A: Vinod Khosla: Here!
Vinod Khosla, at the 2008 Top Ten Tech Trends Debate (with predictions)
"Most of the investments, or the best, most attractive investments, are private... Most people are not qualified to make those investments, because it requires a fairly deep knowledge of technology." -Vinod Khosla
Khosla's investment in Cambridge, Mass.-based Celunol last year (we believe it was May) as part of a $60 million venture capital round; has already yielded fruit. San Diego’s Diversa just bought the company for about $182.45 million.

NOTE: Cellulosic ethanol is a process that uses non-food plants and other waste to make ethanol, and it is much more efficient, and thus better for the environment, than regular corn-based ethanol...

Both Republicans and Democrats weigh in:
VIDEO Essential: Verdict: Obama Damaged his Core Issue.

Personal Note: The left's desire to Nationalize alternative energy and oil, is found amidst a ratio of Gov. funding (25 million) VS those generated by private sector (of over 16 billion)... For many reasons; Nationalization would be a huge mistake.

Regardless if you care for John McCain; he provides the best liberal energy policy, which I believe will impact the highest likelihood of success. NOW!

More Links...
Green revolution rocks on, Khosla already making money Story.
China Lifts Fuel Prices, And Oil Falls in Response: More.

US energy chief: Low oil production drives price...
The Gulf nation has also become increasingly concerned that record oil prices could hinder growth in the U.S. and other major industrialized economies, potentially leading to a decline in oil demand and a sharp drop-off in prices.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman said it would be "wrong" to judge the success of the meeting by oil prices the day after it ends.

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