Summary of European 'Farewell Visit'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Most productive, was the meeting/news conference at the Renaissance villa Madama; as leaders confirmed policy concerning a range of topics. More.
VIDEO - Excerpt:
"Now, we are certainly in agreement on all these issues, as we always have been. And I wish to wind up by thanking President Bush wholeheartedly. I thank America, and I, again, was able to address the U.S. Congress a couple of years ago, and this is something that I'll never forget.

And the Italians, especially those who are members of my generation, will never forget that this is a country that has sacrificed many lives to save us from totalitarianism, communism, fascism, Nazism, and this is a country that has given us back our dignity and has ensured freedom and well-being for all Italians. Now this is something that I shall never, ever forget."

-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi: Transcript.

Bush hails Irish peace process as conflict-solving model Story
How well we know the importance of Irish history in America...
George Bush today urged American business to invest in Northern Ireland and held up the Irish peace process as a template to solve other conflicts... He singled out McGuinness for his work with the Iraqis and praised him for "sharing his experience about how folks can reconcile".

McGuinness said that the United States had played a vital part in the construction and success of the Irish peace process. More.

Bush farewell to Belfast was escorted by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife... Media access to the president was extremely restricted. Reporters were not allowed near the president, or to address any questions to he, or the prime minister during their meeting with the ministers. Amnesty International arrived in orange jumpsuits...#

From Belfast Article:
"In many ways, the protests are a reminder of the demonstrations that greeted Ronald Reagan when he travelled in Europe in the 1980s...

Mr Reagan suffered many of the criticisms and insults hurled at Mr Bush — simplistic,uncaring, even stupid — yet now Mr Reagan is widely acknowledged to have been instrumental in destroying the Iron Curtain and on the right side of history"...
Read more..
Other Stories: Bush visits Queen on Farewell Tour.
The Queen escorts Bush on a castle tour, while waiting for the next President... Her Majesty looks radiant in pink... Always most gracious...
View British army at its ceremonial best.
1100 soldiers take part

ps: I'm reading all over Europe that Obama is Europe's preferred President; by 84% in favour compared with 33% for McCain... There are key differences: US unanimously supports the Queen and all elected officials through out the troubled parts of history... but their pre-elections hold very little interest...
Long live the Queen...

Topics most discussed... Iraq.
I believe that someday Iraq will be a fine Nation of investment and growth; such as Dubai... Weight stacked behind its failure will not have survived; as the will of the people find prominence amidst broader International support.

And last... This wasn't on the farewell list...

This Supreme predicted last week that terrorists would acquire nuclear weapons and "take away security from all the tyrants of the world."
This week: this and this Feels Like: This

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