Art from Wartime Contemporaries of Baghdad

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An amazing story of a US lieutenant from Iraq, who gained trust from the Iraqis; to bring their expression on canvas, to America. Story.
Image: Pomegranate Gallery, New York

"These people are the future of Iraqi culture, they rebuild their country's heritage. My goal was to share their message of the war, to show Iraqi perspective to the US." -Christopher Brownfield

"Shiites, Sunni, Kurds, people don't know what is the religion of the artist, each artist here makes what he wants, about peace and dialogue." -Oded Halahmy
(Iraq-born sculptor who runs the U.S. SoHo Gallery)
Not the typical US soldier -- Brownfield studied both nuclear power and literature in university, and has always been a fan of museums -- he eventually gained their trust and access to their world.

And he decided he wanted to help them. Read more.
About: After the show closes on June 21, Brownfield, no longer in the navy, plans to travel to Jordan or Syria to turn over the money from sales to the artists in the show.

Then, armed with his experience in Iraq -- on which he has written a book -- he will head to Bologna, Italy, where he plans to continue his studies.

Old Video (2007) Iraqi artist, translator
Very sweet person, as now Iraq is much safer...

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