Post Katrina Domestic Energy Security

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Just found the perfect video to add here..

The Democratic Party’s aversion to and imposition of, legal obstacles against domestic and Canadian alternatives to pumped oil; have purposely blocked 'policy to strengthen Domestic oil' stability! Since 2006, they have received urgent Nat. Sec. reports like this: GAO Report

Today, the Dem controlled House meets Nuclear-energy alternatives with the same flawed resistance; while trying to sell the American people:
"A special brand of "Change."

It does not matter your political party... You need to examine what we face by inaction, with respect to Nuclear Energy and Nat. Energy Security!
View video... More analysis below.

A Dem controlled future of alternative energy, would be another disaster; with corporate profits going to Government ear-marks, with nothing recycled back into maintenance and improvements to make cleaner technology!

We look at the Dem majority (aided by Eco-voter blocks) who failed to impact a comprehensive plan to restore Domestic oil & rebuild of post-Katrina's refinery infrastructure; leaving Domestic production in a state of doubled disruption.

Cited here, normal disruptions due to need of new infrastructure from 2001 to 2005 were stabilized... In the days after the hurricanes; refiners were forced to briefly halt as many as five million barrels a day, of production...

After 2006 Dem win majority elections: Domestic energy stability and vision for future infrastructure upgrade, failed under harsh attack by Dem led Congress.
Today (08) due to old infrastructure, US spikes thousands of barrels of Loss per day. Result: Higher gas prices and increased reliance on Foreign oil.

Careful analysis of the Oil Crisis:
"Many people's supply-demand models for 2010 and beyond are out of balance. The futures market is sending a message to the physical market. Either you slow demand and increase supply or prices are going to go a lot higher. —Adam Sieminski, chief energy economist, Deutsche Bank

Bubble Isn't Big Factor in Inflation...Read.
The Wall Street Journal surveyed 53 economists to see what their gustatory preferences were. Only 20% of those surveyed, thought speculation or central bank policy was responsible for the recent oil price hikes
(click-to-enlarge: graph left)

The rest actually said that "supply constraints"were the most important factor driving energy inflation...

Democrats, when in control, failed to legislate the correct policy which led to elimination of a recovered production in the US (east & west coasts & Alaska).
There is a free market system for oil, but it also was altered by the production restrictions and the OPEC trust conditions.

When called to the task, Americans are more apt to work to implement the options in front of us... So far, we are a free people, and unless we succeed in voting in those who show us that they are willing to make moves on Nuclear energy, I am POSITIVE that the world will not fare well, in the next 5 years.

UPDATE: Today's Links...
The McCain Environmental Plan:
States will have the right to implement their own choice of programs...
California unveils ambitious climate plan
Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, whose landmark 2006 law aimed at reducing the state's greenhouse gas emissions prompted CARB's plan, supports the program...

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