Change: Sold in 90's: Over-Tax in 09?

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

You say you want the other half of liberal "CHANGE" in 2008?
Today's Mandate for Change is 'Huge' Taxation of American People.
"Dems push Obama's goals" with bills in Congress: Read.

The World's Wealthiest Democrats Already bet against (90's) America; but underestimated its impact on US long-term survival. #
TIME-Clinton Campaign Trail- 92
Read (below)....How lack of international prioritization, failure to import Free Enterprise, mishandling of NATO Enlargement, and weak (Gore Foreign policy) became the chief contributing factor to the escalation of international terror, corruption, and loss of Democratic values today...

Liberal Gov. Support for Rule by Decree;
Abet Destruction of the Russian Parliament
Read it now.

This 'effort in consort' begot from the 90's...
Medvedev Raises Specter of Depression, Faults U.S.
"We want to take part in establishing new rules of the game," he said.
Among the changes needed in the "global financial architecture."

Be sober, not sentimental toward "Mystical" CHANGE in 2008:
Sneaking in Fat Pork is the "wake-up" sign (then & now.)
"To the advantage of a select few, they directed billions of income ability out of our country in the 90's; with underestimation of risks; and then complained and blamed the Right, when they became a minority."

Similar to this...
Examined, voted, & then used it (later) to Pump their Party! Link.
"Their target is still the free enterprise system, and compromise of the ability of U.S to respond to intelligence information." Is it any shock that enemies who have attacked America, want a US Liberal Government?

It was not the fight for freedom which ascended the Iraqis into prolonged misery... My fly on the wall tells me that Democrat Congress is challenging Iraqis for Oil, to become expelled... They continue to construct any "frying-pan to fire" policy, to tarnish the intent of
mutually agreed U.S. mission (Video.)
Same divisional strategy that they enacted in 1992... SOURCE
In 1992, the Clinton-Gore decision to avoid all discussion of foreign policy was partly for tactical reasons: their political opponent, President George Bush, had just won a complete military victory in the Gulf War, and had presided as the leader of the free world at the conclusion of America's victory over Soviet Communism in the Cold War.... More.

The Left already missed the greatest foreign policy opportunity in the post-World War II era- to assist Russia in the creation of free enterprise system:
Instead, they ignored this responsibility ... And used it to segue into calls for cuts in defense spending...Continue...

-From Friendship to Cold Peace: The Decline
of U.S.-Russia Relations During the 1990s

Senate Foreign Relations Committee Oct. 30, 1997. Secretary Kissinger strongly opposed both the Clinton administration's "Founding Act" and its "Partnership for Peace" program as undermining the Atlantic Alliance...

-The Destabilizing Effects of the Clinton Troika Policy on Russia's Neighbors

Russia's New Nuclear Doctrine
- More.

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