World Support for Lebanon's Sovereignty

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Hezbollah fighters impose control on Beirut -1 hour ago
By Tom Perry BEIRUT, May 9 (Reuters) - Lebanon's Iranian-backed Hezbollah took control of large areas of Beirut on Friday, tightening its grip on the city...

Hizbullah rejects peace moves by MP Saad Hariri
Iran's Armies over-power (Beirut) -Al Manar television reported
Hezbollah's infrastructure is "threat to regional peace: UN Envoy

Intimidations, disruptions, and over-throws

Lebanon should never have been faced with war again!
These brave Lebanese soldiers desperately fought to purge an 'off-shoot of Fatah al-Intifada' (Syrian 20-year front group) only months ago...

And now, once again, Lebanese stability is threatened by the same cycle of intimidations, disruptions, and over-throws; of which seek to advance-against, and occupy their fragile nation. Shia militant group advances.

In the usual style, "Hezbollah" uses a general strike (this time called by labor unions) to "deploy its gunmen throughout Beirut, and besiege the airport."
Read story. and More.

Iranian-backed Hezbollah Fires Rocket-propelled Grenades...
Turning some neighborhoods of Beirut into battlegrounds... Sadly, this has left Several Casualties in Beirut.

Hariri says:
"Hezbollah leader has started new round of horror’ in Beirut."
Government to Take Lebanon Unrest to U.N., Arab League... Story.

Yesterday's Account by residents, pretty much summed it up:
Strike, Demonstrations, Mayhem across Lebanon

As Lebanese officials try to stop the Hezbollah 'media recruit tool' and close airport observation-points; Syria's Intelligence Operates Through:
Hezbollah Lebanon Communications.

Mind you, these armies claim to be a security apparatus for the resistance against occupation... When in fact, these Iranian-backed militants and their sponsors, currently occupy regional lands which would require exit by the international courts... While threatening security, and jeopardizing the region’s sovereignty!

A majority of Lebanese want their country to be independent, after suffering under 20years of Syrian occupation; which looted the country, and left them beat-down! May the Arab Community, expel these militants, NOW!


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