Roads to Improve Afghan Trade & Security (USAID)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Afghanistan: Key Road Toward Pakistan (Improve Trade, Security)
Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) the $100 million highway project is scheduled to be completed in 2009; Ring Road will circle the country, linking the provinces of Khost and Paktia…
The asphalt road is expected to have a great economic impact for Afghanistan, by making it much easier for agricultural produce from the border areas to be transported elsewhere in the country. It is expected to reduce travel time between Kabul and the Khost by four hours... And aid in developing more security on its passage... Read more
Al-Qaeda is dwindling in Afghanistan and Iraq Story
The Taliban bombed out the original dirt roads, but today's USAID-donation of $100 million, sends asphalt highway projects, rolling on... Bringing critical modernization to Afghanistan, and making it possible for Kabul to secure border areas near Pakistan's volatile tribal region of North Waziristan...

Afghans ALL want these improvements (except 'suicides' near border tribes) Unless you are reading an Iranian site: Here.
They talk about a "Taliban and an al Qaeda ally" who "pulled out of a peace deal with Islamabad."
-I can assure you, Hamid Karzai does not want this terror!

Completed (07) US Builds Bridge Connecting Tajikistan w/ Afghanistan
Sullivan, the assistant secretary of state, pledged that the United States will continue to promote infrastructure development in Central Asia, calling such improvements "critical to regional integration and prosperity."

The two year project; is now a major new piece in Central Asia’s expanding transportation grid -- A bridge across the Pyanj River connecting Tajikistan and Afghanistan --


The United States, supplied most of the funding and know-how for the 2 year project that had aided in promoting regional stabilization...Read More.

Sullivan, also added that US development assistance will focus not only on bridges, infrastructure, and road construction, but also on advances in the area of telecommunications. "Moving ideas and information, among all peoples of the region with speed and efficiency; should be an important goal." Source

-AFGHANISTAN: Beyond Security Issue, the economy is booming. Story
-A brief bit of the origins and history of Hamid Karzai
-VIDEO Remembering: Karzai's Call to U.S. (for Liberation)- here.

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