The Militant Group Needs no Introduction

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

arming and training Shiite militias in IraqKhatami, "Fomenting violence abroad is treason" -Story
They claim to be opposed to foreign occupation... When in fact, their militias have become the largest occupiers and violators of sovereignty, in the entire region! But never mind that they currently jeprodize other's ability to find resolution; they currently occupy islands which would require their exit by the international courts...

Their support for insurgencies proceeds through third parties and is mostly limited to weapons transfers... But dispite the firm evidence, their part in distabilization, speaks loudest in their lack of decency to impact a responsible condemnation of it... Instead, they brag about their weaponry as their armies slowly enroach upon others territories...

The biggest insult is how they call themselves the strength of the region...
But they'll never be moderate, pragmatic leaders regulating their conflicts through negotiations... Because they live in poverty and inner violence, jail their intellectuals, and discourage individually growth-oriented followers.

Their trade-mark is providing 'fire and mortars' in order to 'antagonize and provolk'.... And some how you realize that the worse is yet to come.
Because their reliance upon 'deteriorating conditions' in their 'targeted territories' might someday be all too slow for them...

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