Koalas & Polars: Maybe Mankind Should Contain its Own Population

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Animals hold the key to Adaptability...
But the answer to extinction of the species, might be found in man's ability to contain its own populations... Until then, we destroy the model, and very little is understood.

Here's an example of researchers who spent Exhorbant sums of money, man-power, and fuel, trying to return this "geographically challenged" little seal (Sahara) to its natural "freezing" habitat; only to find that he preferred the North of Spain!

And then there's the Aussie's cute Koala Bear...
"It's a very precarious existence," Tyndale-Biscoe said. "They basically sleep for 20 hours a day and then they've got four hours to do everything else—occasionally eat a leaf and maybe once a year go after another koala" to mate. -Tyndale-Biscoe
Unlikely to be wiped out by climate change, they have already been displaced from the most nutritious trees on the most fertile land by spread farms and suburbs, he said...Read more. (Human populations have anything to do with that?)

And this:
Democrats Lists polar bear as threatened species Story.
A decision had been expected by early January, but the Interior Department said it needed more time to work out many of the details, such as systematic studies concerning 'cause and effect'...

This prompted criticism from members of Congress and environmentalists; who filed a lawsuit aimed at forcing a decision and a federal court on April 29 set a May 15 deadline for a decision... More.
OK... There's growth in their numbers, including the largest populations which live in other countries...So, once again, we see a calendar date imposed, while not interested in the cause/effect which might lead to settled science?

Sea Ice Index: Extent, Concentration, & Concentration Anomalies:
More polar bears and more ice compared with 1980:
Here and Here.

And this from MM's:
For over 200,000 years. Polar bears went through the last ice age, and they made it through the Holocene climate optimum, when the temperatures were 4-5 degrees C higher than today and the Boreal Forest grew right up to the Arctic Ocean. They also survived the medieval warm period when temperatures were warmer that today and the Vikings named Greenland ‘Greenland’ for a reason.

When the Vikings reached North America, a journey that today would be impossible because of the rough seas and sea ice, the Arctic Ocean was nearly free of ice. Now there is ice everywhere.
VIDEO: Polar bears need to be stopped! From ACE

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