Snipes: Old Movie, Similar Scenario

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
Snipes Gets Maximum Sentence: 36 Months
Asked For 'Mercy,' Received Deterrence

In a dramatic way, this 1998 film is a 'remote' variation on this theme.
Marshals, Jackals, & Snipes Gets the Max...

Actually, I know little of the events of the Snipes trial...
But even though he was wrong, it was still sad to hear that he received the maximum sentence, basically "to deter others", rather than because he maliciously avoided filing a tax return. I think Matt feels the same way.
"Sentenced, to prevent others from trying to do this."

In this film Snipes insists that he is innocent, he tries to prevent imprisionment; but fails to escape the bureaucracy... Convicted and sentenced and finds himself in captivity, all the while for circumstances not exactly related to the alleged crime...
At the pre-sentencing Snipes said:
"I asked this court to show me mercy and the opportunity to set things right," Snipes said. "This will never happen again. I am very sorry for my mistakes or my errors."

He added, "being in the spotlight attracts loving fans, and jackals."
In the pre-sentencing report, the probation department said that Snipes’ conduct could be construed as trying to obstruct the investigation. The report said that could be grounds to increase Snipes’ jail time. Read more.

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