"Ocean Depths" Unlock Secrets to Cosmos

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Intense observations are closer at hand, than was previously thought. Unexplored depths of the Ocean, likely to Reveal keys throughout universe.
"We are carbon-based life, and understanding how far along the chain of complexity towards life that chemistry can go in an environment like Titan Earth, will be important in understanding the origins of life throughout the universe."
-Ralph Lorenz; Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory

(Man's adaptability to the unexplored earth, will prep- his colonization.)

Life thriving without sunlight, and Underwater tuborn plants that bleed???
The Solar observations we are seeing on Hubble, fly-bys with Cassini; are likely just a "dito" of the findings, beneath the sea and earth crust. Video depicts underwater volcanic activity, as significant forms of CO2; as here.

Predictions: Converting replenishing sources of biomass for fuel (as a continuum) will be a key discovery. Great Earth Changes will prompt departure, but the Ocean depths will teach us to prepare. Many vital elements for Earth survivors exist right below the surface...
It will take increased knowledge of Earth, confirm this:
A Perspective on Life on Enceladus: A World of Possibilities

And check out this already out-dated Video-cast:
It implys the absolute impossibility of life at 900 degrees Celsius...Yet on the Earth's Ocean-floor, we find 700 degrees Fahrenheit, teaming with life!

The hydrocarbons rain from the sky on the miserable moon, collecting in vast deposits that form lakes and dunes. This much was known. But now the stuff has been quantified using observations from NASA's Cassini spacecraft...

I'm for more: "Here and Now, Science: A Northern Lazar Light-show
NASA Launches Airborne Study of Arctic Atmosphere, Air Pollution!!
Read more: Here.

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