NASA ARCTAS Arrives: Exact Science Meets Climate Change

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"Increasingly beset by emissions from massive forest fires in boreal Eurasia and North America; perturbations to the arctic environment trigger unique regional responses including melting of ice sheets and permafrost, decrease in snow albedo due to deposition of black carbon, & halogen radical chemistry from sea salt aerosols deposited to the ice."
NASA ARCTAS Arrives! (Exact Science Meets Climate Change)
Spring deployment is now underway in Fairbanks, AK and Thule, Greenland! #
Polar Study using Aircraft, Remote Sensing, Surface Measurements
and Models, of Climate, Chemistry, Aerosols, and Transport.
Arctic Research of the Composition of the Troposphere from Aircraft and Satellites. View Slide-show: Here. News Article: Story.
Can't really give you an update here, people... Until it completes!
ARCTAS is part of a larger interagency and international IPY effort collectively identified as: POLARCAT!!
Here's a Map to the Regions of 2 month Mission.

Uninhibited and Exacting Study for Real Climate Change:
Sixty trillion dollars of actual exchange earnings flow through the veins of America each month; and just as the Media prefers the US in a Depression; we, interested countries, are going to see what part of earth events and permafrost need to be addressed; in order to "accurately" deal with climate change!

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