Delegating UN to Fight Maritime Pirates?

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)
Le Ponant incident could have been a 'Somali fishermen boat radar or antenna repair'... The true window of responsibility lies in "each vessel" setting its own "Peaceful parameters" and warnings... Every seafaring vessel must nip it in the bud during incident, to deter developed confrontation...Or change vocation.

ALL Maritime Sea forces face complications AFTER kidnappings!
The Answer: "Pirates will retreat when Vessel lights up the sky in front of them with tracers going in every direction."
(Drone trigger overhead, they'll get the picture, fast!)
LMAO, A blogger with a good deal of experience on the high-seas; makes his point favoring 'immediate' right action...
"In the Gulf of Mexico, on any Fishing boat I have worked on, I provided a Mini-14. and two cans of ammo. Around 750 rounds of loose ammo. If you came with-in 1/2 mile of my boat at night or in the fog, I would fire 5 rounds across your bow. In nearing 1/8 mile, I put one thru your radar or antenna array. So you could hear the round go over your head... -LMAO
Again, Drones overhead, will demand their retreat!
True, Sarkozy is said to have resolved this pirate Crisis: Story
But then: Calls for U.N. force to fight pirates?!
There doesn't need to be a "UN mandate" to combat high-seas piracy:
"Piracy on the High Seas, along with Genocide and Slavery, is already "Jus Cogens" -- "compelling law" that may not be violated by any country and therefore requires no supplemental authority to combat it. -Suggests, A.T.Man

"In theory, a flagged-warship of any nation operating in international waters already has the requisite "authority" to stop, arrest and imprison or execute pirates that attack a flagged-vessel of any foreign nation."
Why not suggest EU forces over UN forces to handle "evolved" maritime incidents? Perhaps: "who'll pay for the forces, and who'll be the enemy of pirates?" UN maritime force will send the pirates nasty letters! (Haha)

Jean-David Levitte, chief diplomatic adviser to Sarkozy:
France plans to present new measures next week to fellow members of the United Nations Security Council to combat piracy.

The pirates captured by the French forces are believed to be Somali fishermen. Officials said they planned to have them stand trial in France... Read more.

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