Xinjiang Muslims: Next Target of al-Qaeda

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Is China's Xinjiang Region being dished the same al-Qaeda strategy which has led to the expansion of Western occupation in the Middle East?
Observing this group's 'standard-form pattern'... The answer is, yes.

The difference? China cares less for World opinion, and more for survival and safety. And China does now have terror appoligists working against their purge of terrorism... Or (without question) is soon to have fewer.

al-Qaeda calls the region Tukimenistan; will china call it 'mass deportation' of the latest unfortunate Muslim populations, to come under al-Qaeda's curse?

The West is beginning to understand that the spread of terrorism is preportunate to populations who protest the curbs against Freedoms... But today should be an eye-opener, as al-Qaeda groups inch toward China; banking on the destruction of China as a key to the final dust-bin of America...

The Video (below) is not meant to be used as a phobic dance against Muslims; rather to highlight the spread of radicalized jihad, and its impact upon society of ALL people. The success of China's hard line to impact drastic measures; will be viewed all across the board... al-Qaeda acting as "Freedom-Fighters" against "oppressive China"??... (Look below) Are you next in line?

Time to view this VIDEO again:

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