When Selective Memory is the "Magic"

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Few recall that it was American "Magic" when dollars were instrumental in rebuilding the prostrate Nations of a then, troubled WW2 Europe; because I believe that it was American will, strength, and determination that lives-on today; as the true story of America'...

Soc. Party pressure? Courting popularity? Designs for EU growth?
F.M. Kouchner recalls his 1971, co-founding of Médecins Sans Frontières,
in response to the horrors of the conflict in Nigeria over Biafra; but forgot Saddam's Polices of 90's, of which dynamite destructions (carried out by the Saddam's Regime) Executed Humanitarians and forced "Doctors Without Borders" volunteer MSF aid worker chapter; to seek exit amidst this tyranny.

I've just finished reading the 79 pages of Saddam evidence, that the Partisan Media Deliberately dismissed...

From ACE: Shocker:
Despite Media's Insistence to the Contrary, New Pentagon Report Does Indeed Find Links Between Saddam and Al Qaeda
*Extract 21 [16 May 1993]
TOP SECRET & PRIVATE -Read Full Transcript:
... Since the beginning of the current year until now there have been four workers from non-governmental organizations killed, (two Kurds, one Belgian, one Australian), a hospital bombed, and dynamite exploded in trailers bringing aid to the Kurds. The deteriorating conditions forced the Doctors Without Borders organization to leave the area at the end of April.Read more
UPDATE: Gatewaypundit lists:
The Saddam-Al Qaeda Links: In Photos and Video
Read here
"Saddam Hussein’s government was aware not just of the presence of Al Qaeda terrorist Abu Mus’ab Al Zarqawi, but also was aware that the Anbar province in Iraq was being used as a launch point for organized groups of jihadis headed to fight the United States in Afghanistan." read more

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