Russia Update: Same ol' Same ol'

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Will Russia's newly appointed Medvedev... become that transformational leader who will enact foreign policy to heal the scars and resentments of Russia's days of hardship, and despair? ...I say, yes.

Same ol' is not an option, as Russia's rise of power amidst multiculturalism; will become an open door to the world... But Gently so...
Documentary: Secret era of which Russian culture was squandered from public scrutiny.

Lovely Capella of Sergei Rachmaninoff: Orthodox Christianity
And # Monks Choir of Kiev Pechersk monastery
Medvedev visits Moscow State University... Tatiana day
Beautiful and gentle spirit it seems...

Found this scratchy, smuggled footage, of an American family who went to Russia (Years ago) to collect a new immigrant...
Their newly adopted baby daughter… View footage!

The 'BBC-Style' review of New Russian Democracy...(Clips below)
Precisely why they revised it...
NOTE: Our race to judge and condemn Russia, neglects the reality that Putin's restructuralization seeks to prevent a larger more corruptive element from over-powering its Nation... They are a country of whose fight against gangsters within, will find transformation within a community who empowers the room for positive elements. Russians are a people who hold loyalty as a priority...

Western interviewers: Careful not to empower an iron fist.

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