Media Pits US Econ - 58 Times since (1776)

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Ben Franklin, designer of the 1st coin of U.S; inscribes essential etchings upon it: "Fugio" in conjunction with the sundial: implies "Time Flies."
"Tempus Fugit" a Franklin's favorite aphorism:
"Mind Your Own Business"

And as the Media empowers electoral votes for candidates who promise MASS hand-outs, bail outs, and programs designed to socialize the Nation:

Simple logic: Every election we're going to have a bad economy...
For some of us with only 2 elections, and vision amidst the grove of archives; I'm surprised at how those who have voted for years, still don't have a clue. These are the cycles of which optimism shapes recovery and stimulates growth!

Pethokoukis (Top Managing magazine editor) reflects:
"If the economy is coming out of a recession as we head into 2009, I'm not sure Americans will see higher taxes and more government spending as the right economic medicine."
Bottom line: Whoever has the more credible, optimistic vision will probably win on the economy... (A positive plus for the U.S. & those Internationally.)
View Video from Pethokoukis's Capital Commerce Blog:

Note: Even as the 2000 dot-com bubble was bursting, stocks were crashing, and the country was heading into a recession, also became an issue in elections - Tax cuts helped. Have faith in cycles in our '90 Trillion dollar cash-flow' by continuing to donate to charity, and keep shopping! #
Pethokoukis also explains the importance of China's economy to the world economy. And I am not seeing this reality with Democrat Lobyists and Congress who initiate destructive, less diplomatic ways to address issues.

Is the World is ready to address ALL issues without America...
Darris McNeely (Anchor for Beyond Today) explains the aftermath of World War 2, when American dollars were instrumental in rebuilding the prostrate Nations of Europe... Of which a vast out-put of America's expenditures toward combating world poverty, continue...
Also noted: Contributions toward research & development of all technologies sectors; closely equal the next 7 richest countries combined...

"America in the past century, has been a blessing for many Nations of world. Its value for human life, its freedoms and opportunity led to decisive involvement in the great crisis of recent years. It was American entry into two global conflicts: World’s wars 1 & 2 that turned back the wave of anarchy which threatened the world." -Darris McNeely

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