From the Painter's Side of Russia...

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

This 1999 clip portrays the "ascent of Putin" as: "The ex-KGB chief, successor to Boris Yeltsin, and most "enigmatic" of the current political leaders."

While continuing to paint in Moujan, viewing a history of Russian images; I may very well have discovered the reason behind the country who 'so cautiously applies' a "buffer-zone" between the public and its administration...

Quick little clip... (More about the studio below)

His misunderstood success, in spite of wars, fighting corruption, and perceived attacks on freedoms; still led a remarkably impressive network of political and financial evolutions for his country... All (it appears) with his strong leadership, just one predictable step away from Revolt!"
-Today, he faces another: potential wave like 90's Chechnya.
In the writings of:
Memories of Alexei Volkov
She writes, as Personal Valet to Tsarina Alexandra Feodorovna;
1910 - 1918; and also one of four "escapees" of the tragedies at Ekaterinburg, Alpaievsk and Perm, when the exiled Imperial Family, Grand Dukes and their entourages were savagely assassinated...
( Translation from French text)
She left a pleasant recount of the Imperial House and family...of a recluse Tsar of tragic timing; defined by mobs of whose slander was without accuracy. Which ultimately, led to their slaughter...

The Tsar's Diary account, paints of the difficulties of managing a country in political turmoil; of his concerns, his hardships, his command, while fighting alongside the French in World War 1.

Domestic issues (gone bad) and October Manifesto, ill received...
Were just the tips of the iceberg...

Tragedy started at Coronation at the Orthodox Church
And the bad omen: by those who saw it. Later blamed for the celebration which found the accidental 15 minutes where 1429 died and thousands were wounded...

And the soldiers responsible for Bloody Sunday in his absence...
Invariably Led to his tragic END.

An innocent Family: Here in Lovely Video (Worth the view)

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