Afghanistan: Let Not Freedom Slip-away (21st Century)

Source: Afghanistan Compilation from MEDCAPS & support operations for the Afghani families & children; during 3/3 India Co. Marines' 2004-05 combat deployment."

More than a fight for survival of the hope & dignity of populations living in dire poverty & oppression... It may very well determine the safety of the 21st Century throughout Europe... And not a time to quit this fight!

Pictured (above) Taliban Die-hards; at post Russian withdrawal
-View Latest slide-show of Taliban Leaders

From the district of Swat in Pakistan’s Northwest Frontier Province; to extremist Taliban Camps in Afghanistan... Assassinations, suicide bombings, and merging militancy are finding their way into the 21st Century... As today's Taliban Commandos assert power from drug funds and militant Jihadis recruitments...

Few commitments to fight! VIDEO: 1 .15 . 08 Pentagon
Additional US Marine Deployment of over 3,000 to be sent...

Dwindling Participation... But this fight is a World one...
Sacrifices are great; but nothing compared to the consequence of failure to take down holding facilities of top Taliban & al Qaeda commanders...

Clarifying Expectations in Afghanistan
"Australia’s new Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon will deliver a blunt message to NATO countries meeting in Scotland on Friday, telling them that there will be no more Australian troops sent to Afghanistan until European countries increase their commitment."

HT: Instaundit
Taliban overrun military fort in South Waziristan
"The Taliban overran a military fort in Sararogha in South Waziristan; the Taliban claimed to have killed 16 paramilitary troops and captured 24. The Mehsuds have cut off electricity to the Waziri controlled tribal region in Wana, South Waziristan. Police arrested three teenaged suicide bombers in Hyderabad. The military said it has achieved its objective in Swat."
More Afghanistan Stories:
HT: the captains Journal...
On the: Deal With Mullah Abdul Salaam
"It will take U.S. commitment, not artificial props to be successful. No ostensible harm to the COIN campaign in Afghanistan has been done, but a great deal can be learned from this silly and unfortunate episode."

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