Zecharia Sitchin: The Quest of Anunnaki

Of all the mysteries confronting mankind’s quest for knowledge; the greatest is the mystery called life… These amazing clips (part 2 & 3) integrate biblical injunctions, a (4.8) billion year old mystery of a primordial gene; and the Samarian’s oldest writings of the Anunnaki of Nibero...

Scenario: A planet’s dwindling atmosphere, the birth of Earth, all inscribed in the archives which liken Mars monuments to the pyramid regions of Earth! And you'll never see "global Warm" "evolution" in quite the same way...(smile)
"From the seven dots of earth and its crescent moon, and the six pointed star of mars; clues are set into a 4,500 year old Sumerian picture... Imagery shows 2 figures standing on either side of a craft. A spaceman on earth on (left) greeting a spaceman on Mars (right)...
An extraordinary series of events...
In the 60’s and the 70’s the United States launched the Marinara and the Viking spacecraft, toward 'exploration Mars'… And we see that Geological mapping (in the years to follow) suggests that Mars was habitable (amidst running water-flow) on the red planet; perhaps as little as 10,000 years ago.

“If not dust, then what?”
A Soviet launch, an International effort, as thirteen Nations widened the curious exploration of Mars… And an incident, in 1989, which produced Mars imagery with an unexplained phenomenon … It was only until 1991 in San Francisco; at a surprise press conference by Russians; that the following information was given…

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