UN Climate: Fear-Tactics Harm Credibility

While I believe that it is essential that we must stop the waste of resources; and that contributions for a cleaner Earth should be out of respect for our planet... I reject the way they are being presented using illogical or stunted Science. In fact, those likely to pay for the programs, find them deceptive at best.
UN and Global Warming Groups are saying:
"Welcoming the report, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said climate change imperils "the most precious treasures of our planet."

The potential impact of global warming is "so severe and so sweeping that only urgent, global action will do," Ban told the IPCC after it issued the report." Read more
Recent data-images show drastic change stems renewal... Here's why Geologists who view Mountains created 200 million years ago; have found that most are 60 million years old and younger:
(A commonality found in data-mapping of ALL planets)
NASA MAPPINGS: Color-change to denote elevations

What is wrong with being honest by requesting that we form a World tax to protect those who will need to re-locate? And collect funds for those who face water challenges? And why not be honest in the assessment that cleaning the planet is for the benefit of quality of life? These are noble reasons for the immediate reduction of our foot-prints.
Honesty begets Unity...
Today we continue to place importance on accepting the wrong theory of solar system assembly, purely out of purpose of convenience... But the more we orbit and analyze the planets around us, the more we are able to gain knowledge to assist man's healthy cohabitation with the Earth...

Analyzing planetary Data will confirm global theories... and continue to convert "old-Science" theories (applied for over 150 years) to a greater understanding of the true scope and phenomenon of today's Global challenges.

If sensationalism remains the order of the day, Science will be gaggled to keep warming Programs intact.
View More of Neal Adam's Fascinating Videos: New Model of the Universe
"Earth is growing and we point to uneven growth from rifting and spreading... It is reasonable to assume great pressures from this growth are being applied, and not evenly, and regularly, everywhere.

So, along some edges compression and folding are reasonable and logical, especially where there’s little or no rifting. On the upper surface of the continental plates compression results in folding and mountaining. In fact, compared to mountaining subduction and volcanic islands are new and only just beginning." Read more
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