Nobody Sees Iran in Sheep's Clothing

UPDATE: From Memri...
Transcript: Debate on Iranian Policies in the Middle East
View Video! Dr. Walid debates- vile Muhammad Sadeq Al-Husseini

Iranian Regime refused to show transparency amidst French Accord Violations... And, amidst elevated Nuclear enrichment; they talk of Neighbors disappearing...
But why do they hide behind Islamic unity, when all you can see is their contribution to sectarian division?

The Iranian Mullah's (& co.) are laughing at us all.
Must See Video: Dr. Walid debates- vile Muhammad Sadeq Al-Husseini

Iran's Islamic Revolution Speaks in Name of the Entire Islamic Nation, But Gives Aid & Forms Alliances on Sectarian Basis
A list distributed by FM Mottaki; discloses Iranian aid to Iraq: "Projects in Basra, Najaf, and Karbala, and those aiding Baghdad had gone to the majority-Shi'ite Sadr City... They provide aid and form alliances, on a strictly sectarian basis, solely with its Shi'ite brothers...

You see it in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Pakistan. Were it not for the wisdom of Saudi Arabia, a door would have opened to sectarian polarization - which is a battle and a contest NOT needed." More
And check out Syrian born Historian, who "Tells it like it is!" (At least, he's not far off.) Many believe that as soon as the Iran's Regime gets what it wants; it's over for Assad!
They try to laugh at him... But he's right!

Where's the "sheep's Clothing" for this regime who uses the Jews, Palestinians, and Islamic Unity, to gain regional dominance over Arab territories?

So how much are they paying IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei ?
Inspections since 2003 found traces of nuclear fuel and important isotopes in places the Iranians couldn't or wouldn't explain.
Two out of three Grades would be (F's) Source.
-View Reportcard: Here (pdf)

More: This regime has cost lives, and lost the world community not only millions of Dollars; but their efforts to hold secure the principals of nuclear development.... All-the-while the Iranian Regime offers little more than their whinny self-serving interests… They left empty chairs while refusing moderate requests; all to further their threats against long-standing members of the community...
And now Ahmadinejad wants an apology ?!

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