Devalued Technology: 21st Century Thorn

Valuing the costs associated with commercial technology , is the key to the survival of all future developments for Artists, Scientists, and Engineers... Pirating trades-away of the value of technology which impacts future growth. Survival of Industry and Artistic Content is remains a stifling concern...
Only Integrity can reduce the impact upon middle 21st Century...

Clip-Summary: Infringement is their Unalienable Right...
When, in fact, downloading without retribution to the Artist requires no special talent… And if it did, I can promise you; Artists understandably remain the first to want to protect and prosper…
Justifying Copyright infringement on the basis of how much they think one should be allowed to prosper; is (in itself) a huge violation of the very virtue Pirates claim to be at stake… Freedom of Expression...

VIEW VIDEO: Pirate’s Economic assessment for Artist’s Property

Lack of concern for Freedom of Artistic Expression, threatens creative opportunity by imposing economical boundaries for New Artists, and Damages the rights of Corporate Free Enterprise…
Integrity and respect for other's property, is the cure…

Scientific Technology
Those who want "free" often do so by attacking the motives of a Company who has spent billions of dollars to acquire perfected research... Without patent restrictions, they manipulate and replicate; destroying quality innovations; and sending future research into flux...
Often Leading to: deflated stock value of product.

Besieged by a World without integrity, we find protection of exclusive content, compromised amidst distribution. I know that it hurts the Artist, and evolution of upgraded technology. Its direct effect shows up in the future price re-coup.

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