Were Nations Better-off in the Golden Age?

A stunning performance in an era of 16th century England...
And as we observe Nations who have become independent of British Rule today... I believe that England's Upper-hand actually held many of the regions of Earth's violence in a holding pattern... Might a select group of Independent Nations today, have suffered less carnage; had British held control today?
Undoubtedly for a few, most certainly...

Elizabeth the Golden Age: View movie website
Film Critique: Blanchett shines in 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'

And although this pattern of 'controlled violence' was attributed to the strong Leadership of Queen Elizabeth....Today, there is a HUGE misconception that a female leader will not usher in peace and tranquility...

Yes, it is true that females throughout the centuries have used some of the most forceful tactics, when sufficiently scorned... But they didn't dance around the issues... Their words were (and still are) Golden...

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