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Many wonder why the Liberal Media's "selective edits" of the Gen. Sanchez war assessment, 'marketed and circulated' to every continent of the World; yet they omitted his KEY essential disappointment:

Is it unfair reporting as they deliberately over-sight progress here or here Or is that their way of silently discrediting our troops.

But as Democrat Congress brings forward century old genocide against Turkey; will the timing (during war) destabilize a secure region, to pick up US-left votes? Knowing when or when not to spin, is their only concern...

Whether it was Fauxtography or Numerous False Documents; printing false incidents, and failing to retract them, has done much to hinder the safety of millions; hurt my country; and prolong this war!

But I worry about how this impacts the many that need support throughout the World... As the U.N. hands down a "watered down" condemnation of the Burma junta! Grave Warning to the Junta is Now Needed -Article

The Human-Rights Vacuum!
Read Samamtha Power's Full Article

Darfur and Burma stir no response because the
U.S. is discredited while China's power grows

Rebel troops stampeded an african Union base in Darfur, Sudan, last month, murdering 10 African peacekeepers. That same week in Burma, the military regime killed a Japanese photographer and turned its machine guns on unarmed, barefoot monks. The violence in Darfur and Burma met with widespread international condemnation but scant concrete action. The perpetrators will almost certainly get away with murder.

What is going on? Even in an era of connectedness, when such outrages are beamed into living rooms around the globe, the world's major powers can't seem to agree on what should be done or who should do it. While many foreign critics of the U.S. express relief at the erosion of American influence, events in Burma and Darfur show the downside of the U.S.'s diminished standing: a void in global human-rights leadership.

The U.S. has raised its voice on Darfur and Burma louder than any other country. George W. Bush has regularly denounced the Sudanese campaign of destruction as "genocide," Washington has spent $2.5 billion on humanitarian aid to keep Darfur's refugees alive, and the Administration has spearheaded creation of a 26,000-person, U.N.-led peacekeeping force.

When the Burmese regime cracked down on protesters, it was Bush who used his appearance before the U.N. General Assembly to announce that the U.S. would freeze the assets of Burma's repressive leaders and deny them visas. Yet when he urged "every civilized nation" to use its diplomatic and economic leverage to "stand up" to the regime, his appeal was largely ignored. Many countries acted as if they agreed with Burma's self-serving claim that the crackdown was simply an "internal matter." Notwithstanding the U.S.'s $500 billion military budget and $13 trillion GDP, its summoning power has dwindled.

The inaction is partly backlash against the discredited American messenger. Torture, "black sites," extraordinary rendition and the bungled, bloody invasion and occupation of Iraq have all made U.S. human-rights appeals ring hollow. But many countries that point to America's abuses are doing so to cover their self-interested, economic reasons for overlooking atrocities in Darfur and Burma.
READ THE REST No, its not flattering. But the point is, the U.S. is standing alongside these people; giving billions of dollars, and the rest of the World might just as easily let these people DIE!!

According to:
Some see potential progress in the move by the UNSC because China has signed on to the pact. But in reality the move is non-binding and leaves no lasting threat to China's economic interest in Burma.
"The Security Council calls on the government of Myanmar to take all necessary measures to address the political, economic, humanitarian and human rights issues that are the concern of its people and emphasizes that the future of Burma lies in the hands of all its people." Read latest News
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