Kurds: Political Maturity & Progress

The Middle East is not without positive stories...
I just received a few pictures of what was said to be the Kurd’s (Hawler) Erbil (below) ...(formerly one of the worst areas of the region!) A visit to Michael Totten's site, confirms that It's True!
View many more structures and unity of the people of this region:
A New Power Rises in Iraq

The Kurds have sought success by realization, determination and vigilance.
And given the history of the struggles of many Nations who left behind years of tyranny; their accomplishments did not come easy...
It takes hard work and much sacrifice to reach political maturity.

I hope that what we are seeing in Iraqi Kurdistan; will eventually find its way throughout all areas of the Iraq Nation... We hope improvement in Iraq's government, as they reach an enhanced understanding between Iraqi parties, to form a stronger alliance.. Whatever shall become of this Nation, of whose history held lawless, criminal, beginnings:

-From Michael Totten's article:
"Kurdistan’s rise flips Iraq on its head. The Kurds are ahead, but they started from nothing. Under Saddam’s regime they had the worst of everything – the worst poverty, the worst underdevelopment, and worst of all they bore the brunt of the worst violence from Baghdad."
200,000 people were killed (out of less than four million) and 95 percent of the villages were completely destroyed.
"The Kurds seem happy and well-adjusted. Scratch the surface, though, and any one of them can tell you tales that make you tremble and shudder. Everyone here was touched by the Baath and by the genocide. If living well is the best revenge, the Kurds got theirs." -Read more by Michael J. Totten
We wish for unified effort of Iraqi troops toward stability, & Freedom for Iraq.
Question and Answer Session for Gen. Petraeus & Crocker...

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