Iraqi Displaced Won't Return on Dem-plan

Political developments in the region are fostering today's progress as Iraqi and U.S. troops secure sections of Iraq, and force militants (and al-Qaeda) out of Iraq... Stabilization remains vital that millions will return...
-View Video of Progress! (new window) Around the Services

S.A. Miller; Wash Post- 07
The DEM'S plan won't mention the well-being and safe return of the Iraqis!
For a group of our Nation who made this war significantly longer by playing on its loose ends, to gain Congressional strength... Their efforts to negate the fight for Iraq's stabilization, has empowered a militant "feed-off." This micro-manage has continued to cost thousands of lives.

-Dems already discount war report
They voted to appoint General David H. Petraeus; and shortly after voted against the tools to allow him affectability. It comes as no surprise that they aren't the least interested in their agreement to review his assessment, now!

The Dems are mistaken that the pressure of anti-War will usher in a 2008 win:
Their procedures have (instead) thwarted our troops efforts, leaving a majority of Americans to interpret the Dem's plan, as a dangerous proposal for the Iraqis:
While DEM'S plan has contained a "Terrorist Bill of Rights"
In many areas our troops have exceeded their requirements...
View a (Good and bad) summary of today's troop efforts:
(The report of the efforts of our Brave men and women, that Dem Congress won't view.)
"And in the developing containment of violence; not only have the total number of attacks significantly dropped since August 2006, the continuing purge of cells and their leaders, and total number of weapons cases raised from 2700 (04) to over 4000 in 2007.

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