GOP Leadership Key in Centrist Reform

It's the 11th hour for many reforms of our Nation... No longer can they be pushed into to the future; as today's "unsuccessful debate"...
I liken this crucial time in World history as, "The Sarkozy Era."
An era in which weighing and standing by tough issues in a conservative manner, also held liberal considerations. These sound measures, vital to the function and survival of a Nation, bonded to become reform Legislation...
Conservative steps, and a Unique Focus on Wellness,
Prevention Programs, and the Like…
-Or view Video: here
"This is an effort to have everyone covered by insurance, not a prospect for socialized medicine… It is a comprehensive program which makes insurance affordable for all." -Schwarzenegger

* Before the Legislature’s scheduled adjournment on September 14th...
(R) Schwarzenegger, leader in pulling together left-right positions, remains hopeful.

According to Steven Maviglio:
"Literally hundreds of meetings with stakeholders have hashed out a workable, centrist bill. It still has enemies on the left (single payer advocates and some unions) and right (free market Republicans), but Assembly Bill 8 remains the best hope for health care reform this year." Read more
Read Schwarzenegger's Comprehensive program-
(Likely to be one of the first workable program in our Nation)

Americans do not realize that they are already paying for unresolved issues:
Whether it is in hidden fees, or cost of a declining quality of life; decades of unresolved policies have continued to stop at "who will pay?"

AGE OF DIVERSIFICATION: America's agents & underwriters might explore how they can positively impact their client's future (retirement, savings, etc.) beyond a new 15% income cap.
VIDEO (above) (A compromise & gradual approach to re-shape our future.)

Centrist Reform bill holds Schwarzenegger's earlier position:
(unlike the current 2008 "Socialist healthcare programs" Dem candidates are pushing)
“Socialized medicine is not the solution to our state’s health care problems,” the Republican governor said, “(Earlier) bill would require an extraordinary redirection of public and private funding by creating a vast new bureaucracy to take over health insurance and medical care for Californians — a serious and expensive mistake.” - SOURCE
Comparisons of Schwarznegger's Reform Proposals

What this means to Agents and underwriters:
Health Care Reform Compromise: Unsolicited Advice Part II
Alan Katz says: Instead of asking “what package can be signed?”
the need is to ask: "What legislation should be signed?"

-Underwriters Healthy Solutions

Interesting podcast at the:
Glen and Helen Show: Fixing America's Health Care System
On January 8, 2007, Governor Schwarzenegger unveiled an initiative to bring accessible, efficient and affordable health care to every Californian. His plan addresses our broken health care system and the hidden tax that every insured Californian pays to subsidize the uninsured. Individuals, government, doctors and hospitals, insurers and employers all have equal responsibility for health care reform. By promoting health and wellness, covering the uninsured and increasing affordability, California can create a model that the rest of the nation can follow.

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