Algeria Stands in Protest Against al-Qaeda

Looks like the Terrorist's method of "Divide and Conquer" won't work in the country of Algiers! Today, thousands of Algerians formed a unity to protest against al-Qaeda! Their protest came after suicide attacks; only hours apart, killed at least 57 ...
Al-Qaeda's intended target? Apparently, the President of Algeria...
Des dizaines de milliers d'Algériens
manifestent pour dénoncer le terrorisme
On Friday, Interior Minister Noureddine Yazid Zerhouni said:
"Terrorists have ONE choice: Turn themselves in or die."

United we stand, divided we fall...
"Algeria of 2007 is different from Algeria of the year 1997," said UGTA chief Abdelmajid Sidi Said, in reference to a year in which hundreds of civilians were killed in attacks the government blamed on Islamic rebels.

"Algeria is united against terrorism. The period of 1990s is over," he added, in allusion to divisions among politicians over whether to negotiate with rebels or focus only on military operations against them.
And despite the restive Berber minority that seeks autonomy, as well as an al Qaeda affiliate... The Algerians continue to take a united stand!

So much to loose when a part of a Nation trades their allegiance to form a second Government, as it plays off of its country's weaknesses in a quest for power. Today's split-Government (in progress) in Pakistan , is a direct result of embedded instability, rallied conspiracy, and the progressive workings toward the Terrorist's goal.
Al Qaeda group says it targeted Algerian president
"Terrorism brings economic instability!" "Terrorism has no place in our society!"…shouted the crowd who protested two major terror attacks which occurred within hours from one another...

Dozens killed and over 100 injured when Abu al-Muqdad al-Wahrani -- strapped with an explosives belt -- was unable to get past the security guards protecting Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika when he visited the town of Batna on Thursday just east of the capital city, Algiers.
Sadly, many suicide bombing areas are never rebuilt...
Manifestation à Alger contre les violences

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