Remembering Russell and Menew

This might seem silly to some... but the friendships and bonds with the animal world (via pets) can sometimes be as strong as friends of the human world, & certainly not forgotten. And (if it's not to avoid huge tax) or control others beyond the grave; sometimes they are...
- Willed millions of dollars! (haha)

Today I'm reminded of the long & healthy life; and final departure of Russell (R) followed shortly after by Menew (L).
-Often cats will follow one another, from earth...
Russell Won't Share His Favorite Chair
In my life (from childhood to adulthood) I laugh when I think back on how amazingly adaptable they were over time; having traveled to three countries! And today, I like to think that they've found a new garden as quiet & peaceful as the one on earth.

Huge animation from photos, etc; created by my best friend, a.bee...
-If you don't see it below... Click image (above) to view
Recreation by friend, a.bee

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