Heavy Metal Re-Visited...

Michael C. Moynihan posts of the Iranian state television who takes on the scourge of Western heavy metal music... I've decided to take down the video masquerade, which depicts Iranians having fun with Heavy Metal; because I do not trust the possibility that the Regime might harm these Iranian youth…

The regime believes it to be driving the country's youth towards Satanism;
but maybe its the public flogging (currently on the rise) and the more than 120 executions (recorded so far this year) that have actually hatched a rebellion within the Iranian society of cell-phones, and latest trends?
D. Mail: Morodalif Disapproval on the faces of this group...
IRAN: 92 percent do not approve of how their government operates. Only eleven percent oppose democracy, and 72 percent did not support the "Islamic Revolution" that has dominated the country for 28 years. #

The regime is Keeping Ancient Traditions Alive as they send more Revolutionary Guards into Kurdish areas, to abuse the locals...And supply money, weapons and technical advisors to pro-Iranian political parties and militias in Iraq and Afghanistan...

And yet, the Iranian Regime's armies continue to keep the violence against civilians in Iraq, our troops, in a holding pattern while promoting unrest in neighboring countries; I think of an entire generation of youth, who continue to be lost in these days of the regime...

Here's the Persian Mullah's idea of Heavy Metal:
Guards chief: Iran missiles can hit warships in Gulf

Iran develops 900-kg ‘smart bomb’ - official media

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