Random Delegates to Terminate War-loops

No circle of blaming will end the unthinkable atrocities committed against the people of Darfur... We, the generations of the World, have remained without hope that it will stop... And the children of the future will never understand...
Click-Image: View interviews of all angles of the Darfur atrocities, to fully understand why it must be delegated toward final resolution, NOW!
Crisis Group: Left top clockwise- Mousa Hilal: Chief of Arab-Tribe Almahamid; Abdul Rahim Muhammad Hussein: Sudanese Interior Minister; Abdullah Duma: Leader within the African Tribe Masalt; Bahr Abou Kirda: Inside the secret military camps of the insurgence.
-Quick note: Please be patient with the Movie (above) It will take time to view.

Generations will question how an opportunity to restore humanity's dignity amongst sisters, brothers, father's and sons was missed, and remained unresolved by all Arab and Black men involved... And how these generations were claimed to have utilized a specific race of armies to annihilate tribes of a different race; and then responsibility for these murders was equally passed off to the right...
-Again... Blaming has only reinforced this crisis... Here is a solution:

I have dreamt of prayed for Grid Assignment and the appointment of Delegates; ALL" of which are randomly drawn to support the end of the World's many running conflicts...I have viewed these war loops (below) which, managed by those who have inherited them, do not have endings!... Peace Workers must be assigned to care-take the safety of civilians; and free these "locked" and "running program" regions, from unrest...

African War Grid 1-
Latitude: 28 degrees 17’ 59” N
Longitude 5 degrees 42’ 39” W

African War Grid 2-
Latitude: 28 degres 2’ 38” S
Longitude: 28 degrees 57’ 13” E

Persian Gulf War Grid:
Latitude: 26 degrees 4’ 59” N
Longitude: 63 degrees 31’ 48” E

(At end of a road which empties into the Persian bay directly off from Oman; in Baluchistan.)

W & E European grids: Holding together both African War Grid 1 and 2- Persian Gulf War Grid:
Latitude: 53 degrees 40’ 22” N
Longitude: 29 degrees 49’ 53” E

E European Heal:
Latitude: 63 degrees 3’ 21” N
Longitude: 57 degrees 16’ 34” E

...Will explain more about this later...

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