Bi-polar Nebula Beacons Calm Perfection

Interesting is Blake de Pastino's article for National Geographic which shows the image below, taken by astronomers Peter Tuthill of the University of Sydney and J.P. Lloyd of Cornell University...He says...
"The next time you feel like everything is spinning out of control, remember that there are some things in the universe that are still in flawless order."
"Almost perfect", is the conclusion at two observatories with infrared cameras, examined the symmetry of this composite Nebula image of dust and gas...
Article Excerpt: #
"Scientists say the new image shows the Red Square to be a bipolar nebula, with stellar winds blowing cone-shaped jets away from its hot central star. The cloud's extreme symmetry also suggests that the star, known as MWC 922, is in a relatively calm corner of space, with little turbulence to disturb the formation.

Similar forces are probably what shaped the Red Rectangle, astronomers say, and there may be many more of these formations in space than had previously been believed."
I believe that troubles are few, and meditation connects us all! If we allow ourselves to become dominated by fear-groups who continually tell us of certainly bleak, and most 'assuredly' catastrophic events, yet to come; we will manifest this into the Earth's grid...
Likewise positive energy forms in quiet mediation, as it allows a chance to reverse thought, and contemplate the thought's true importance...
More articles: (And more later)...
Meditation may fine-tune control over attention
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