Human Catastrophe is an Armed Gaza

This region needs a new future; and not a longer list of truce violations... And Refugees deserve the aid of a strictly enforced UN Peace Force: 'No-weaponry zone' on Gaza. A move that will dramatically reverse the polarization of this region...
Abbas urges end to rocket attacks

View VIDEO (below) of Palestinians, absent militant media-gag or media propaganda; as they express what would seem to be, the most unthinkable...(Might be the saving grace away from militant rivalry.)
Video -Ht: LGF

Combining the Quotes of Philosophers George Santayana, and Ashleigh Brilliant...It is true that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"... YET : "Nothing we can do can change the past, but everything we do changes the future."
Iran's increased influence amidst Palestinian cause not welcome by Arab Leaders:
Harsh Words for Iran at Mideast Forum
No matter how much Arab leaders tell Iran to stop making the Palestinian cause a Persian conflict; stating that the predominantly Persian country had little to do with Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking...And that:
"It's an Arab issue and should be resolved within the Arab fold."

Placing further burden on the refugees, Iran:
Ahmadinejad to Israel: Don't Attack Lebanon

Today we examine: Iran 'in control of terrorism in Israel'
Even Yasser Arafat knew the danger the Mullahs of Iran have posed:
"Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian "president" who has been confined to his Ramallah headquarters for more than three years, said this week that Hezbollah was trying to infiltrate Fatah. He said Iran was financing radical Islamist groups, and denounced Iran's spiritual leader, Ali Khamenei.

He said: "Khamenei is working against us. He is giving money to all these fanatical groups. Khamenei is a troublemaker." Read more.
Militants reject Gaza truce call
Lists of Peace Plans (designed to address refugees)
-ALL have been disrupted by the "Guns on Gaza" Militant Armies:

SCR 242, 1967
Camp David, 1978
Madrid Conference 1991
Israeli-Syrian talks
Oslo Agreement, 1993
Camp David, 2000

Taba, 2001
Saudi plan, 2002
Road Map, 2003
Geneva Accord, 2003
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