Dems: Fight over Iraq War- just begun?

Just begun?! Must be looking for a new marker, outside history because
The U.S. Left have been negating the efforts of our mission & troops on the ground since the mission's completion! Many troops believe that a significant number of forces might have already been withdrawn; had the left not used Iraqi Freedom as a tool...

The soldiers in the front lines speak of the difficulty over-coming the Left's efforts to rally away our allies; and the build-up of death-squads that trailed.
Especially at a time when patience and support were desperately needed...
We should have traded several hundred US 'LEFT'...For just one Iraqi Patriot (in this VIDEO)...
(And then we'd see how quickly they'd support the troop's efforts to quell violence!)

...And why do I constantly feel there’s a rivalry between with the successes of the Iraqis and the Democrat’s control?
Iraqi resident, Omar, asks: Why Are the Democrats Doing This?
Iraqis still find pride in their new independence, and this will not easily be forgotten by historians who view their struggles for Freedom!
HT: Instapundit
Marines Volunteer to Return to Iraq:
"But Marines say that residents, encouraged by tribal sheiks and imams, have turned against the extremists and, among other things, are pointing out the location of hidden roadside bombs.

"The last time, it was like the people didn't want to do anything to help their neighborhoods," Mellado said. "Now it's a big change. I want to be here to help with that, to help my Marines."
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Video: God Bless our Troops

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